It was painted blue outside and white within, and was just the size for two animals; and the Mole’s whole heart went out to it at once, even though he did not yet fully understand its uses.

- Rat introduces Mole to the delights of boating – from 'The Wind in the Willows' by Kenneth Grahame.

Canoeing on the beautiful Stour Navigation

As far as Marcus is concerned – the open canoe is the only way to travel. Come and learn how to handle this wonderful craft on a really safe, calm stretch of picturesque water. Perhaps travel through ‘Constable Country’ to Flatford Mill or to Dedham beyond. Enjoy a wonderful picnic lunch and take in the wildlife.  You may be lucky enough to see a Kingfisher. Marcus is happy to take individuals or small groups on a canoe adventure.

These days suit age 9 and above. Younger children welcome with accompanying parent.

Kayaking on the Stour Navigation

Learn how to handle a closed cockpit kayak, a fantastic craft for fun and access to places you can’t go in any other sort of transport. Learn on very safe, placid water with the banks close by. Be prepared to get a bit wet – its all part of the fun. This could be the beginning of a life-long joy.

If you want to learn to capsize in a lovely warm swimming pool (the most comfortable place to do this in the UK!) – MERP Adventure can arrange this.

These days suit age 9 and above.

Constable Country Canoe Painting

If you are a keen artist or photographer and fancy getting ‘river close’ to your subject, the open canoe is an ideal base from which to achieve this. Marcus will guide you in elementary canoe control and safety and set you up in a canoe chair with a painting easel and paddle you to your desired location. A suitable outrigger will be set up on the canoe to enhance your stability. Marcus will even prepare you a fine lunch as part of the day if this is required, or you might prefer to take lunch in the Flatford Mill Café.

These days generally suit 1 adult although 2 adults could be achieved over short distances with two canoes rafted together.

Bushcraft Days

Learn to safely start a small fire, heat a drink or cook a meal. Learn how to tie a few essential knots or build a makeshift survival shelter. Learn the safe use of a bushcraft knife to whittle sticks – surely one of the most pleasurable activities in the world!

Learn how to pitch a tent or tipi tent or to put up a tarp and hammock. Just be in the woods and take it all in – this is where we as humans spent thousands of years before the joys of double glazing, central heating, running water and memory foam mattresses! These adventure days will suit anyone – young, old, families, work-colleagues – and you will feel really alive and perhaps a little closer to our ancient ancestors.

These days suit age 7 and above.

Navigation and Lowland Walking Day

Spend a day exploring areas of Suffolk on foot. Learn how to read a map and use a compass. Cook an outdoor meal or snack, tie a few knots, erect a quick emergency shelter.

These days suit groups of up to four, age 7 and above.