Bushcraft Days and Bushcraft Nights

Learn the skills, tie the knots, make your own tent pegs, create your shelter for the night, sleep in a hammock under the stars, sleep in a Nordic tent tipi, just sleep on the ground on a reindeer hide and smell the camp fire and the earth beneath you, cook bacon on a stick over the fire, make your own bread and cook it by the fire, prepare a rabbit for the pot, spit roast venison, sing a song, play your guitar, play your banjo, play your harmonica, swim in the lake, catch crayfish and cook them, make string out of stinging nettles, drink pine needle tea, create your own ration pack, learn how to stay dry and warm, learn how to stay safe and well in the woods, follow tracks, watch wildlife, find and use some King Alfred’s Cake, make a wooden spoon, discover the wonders of birchbark.

All this and more has been enjoyed on previous MERP camps. We are lucky to have the use of a beautiful ancient woodland site on a farm in West Suffolk. Groups of 6-8 participants are ideal and family groups are welcome.

De-stress, connect to our distant past, learn ancient skills, feel the call of the wild.

These camps suit age 9 and above.