Adventure Equipment

MERP Adventure possesses a certain amount of ‘kit’ and Marcus can provide logistical support for groups, together with this equipment. We know from experience how hard and time-consuming it is for teachers and group leaders to plan and execute safe, fun and memorable events and trips and we can take some of the hassle (and possibly expense) out of this for you.

Main equipment available:

  • Vehicle support – Renault Grand Espace and Jeep Cherokee 4 x 4, with tow bars
  • Hayling Trailers 4 poster canoe and kayak trailer – takes 6 opens or 18 kayaks
  • 5 open canoes – 20 assorted closed cockpit kayaks
  • Kayak Trailer – takes 9 kayaks
  • Daxara 238 Equipment trailer – takes 14 x 60litre storage barrels and more
  • Tent Tipi Gaise 15 – a single poled tipi tent of the highest quality
  • 2 Scout tents and 1 Scout Cooking tent
  • 20 x 60litre canoe storage barrels
  • 6 x Trangia cookers and assorted cooking, eating and drinking items
  • 2 x metal camp cooking tripods & various cook pots
  • 10 x hoochie camping tarps
  • 10 x camp hammocks
  • 10 x 2 person camping tents
  • Parachute shelter for camps
  • A selection of water containers
  • A selection of camp chairs
  • 16 x camp sleep mats